same day hard drive, memory & operating system upgrades on all apple computers
     Apple Mac Upgrades
          RAM Upgrades

If your Mac is not performing how it should

it could be time for a health check, memory,

hard drive or operating system upgrade

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      Need More Space ?

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Hard drive upgrades are our speciality

If you require a larger or faster hard disk drive

our same day service can’t be beaten 

We also offer data transfer, cloning,

back up advice & services

              Remember we offer the highest quality repairs, honest advice you can understand, and are unbeatable on price and speed

      Software Upgrades

Upgrade to the latest Mac operating system

for optimum performance

We can also help in upgrading all your other software

RAM (Random Access Memory) or memory is where a computer stores programs, applications or data that is being used. Essentially the more RAM a computer has the more programs the computer can run simultaneously without showing a large slowdown in performance.

       How much memory would Apple recommend?

  1. Word processing, email, simple graphics: 2GB / 4GB

  2. Advanced graphics and gaming, photo editing: 4GB / 8GB

  3. Multimedia editing, ( Logic, Final Cut ) 3-D modeling: 8GB+

     Apple Mac Upgrades
          RAM Upgrades
      Need More Space ?
      Software Upgrades
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