We can repair and replace all Apple Laptop Screens

LCD - LED Displays and Glass usually the very same day.

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    Screens Glass & Displays
         Hard Disk Drives
 If you’re unsure of the problem don’t worry
 Our diagnostic inspections and honest advice
    is totally FREE with no obligation to repair 
         your machine or any costs involved

      If your Mac is not performing how it should

             it could be time for a health check

           This involves a full clean up service,

         data optimisation using the very latest

   available tools & techniques, software updating

                   and maintenance advice

         FREE Diagnosis

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Hard drive repairs and upgrades are our speciality

If you require a hard disk drive repaired or replaced

our same day service can’t be beaten 

We also offer in house expert data recovery,

transfer and back up services

  Health Check / Clean Up

   We highly recommend this service and have found over 80% of customers notice a great improvement

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We’re always happy to discuss and advise

     on even the smallest issues

  1. System turns on but you get a flashing question mark on the screen

  2. System turns on, starts to load OS but never gets to desktop

  3. System turns on but emits loud BEEP sounds

  4. System turns on, starts to load but then ‘Kernel Panics’ (writing all over the screen)

These are just the more common issues, some could just need resetting specific components of the system, others could indicate corrupted software or a hardware failure and would probably need an examination in the workshop.

     Is your Mac suffering from one of the following symptoms ?

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